by Robert


There cannot be a school in which smoking is not against the rules and yet, I suggest, there cannot be a school, especially a boarding school in which that rule, despite the well known penalty, is not broken!  It is, of course, the very fact that it is forbidden, and rightly forbidden, that too many young ladies and young gentlemen smoke from time to time.  Prefects, who quite possibly have the occasional elicit smoke themselves, know where to look for smokers and vindictive Prefects know only too well the righteous thrill of finding the smokers and marching them off to face the inevitable consequences!  Saint Agatha’s Academy was such a school and Senior Prefect Arabella Arbuthnot who took an unhealthy delight in exercising her duty in that respect was, if nothing else, certainly vindictive!  Nothing excited her more than finding pupils, especially those of her age and seniority, in flagrante delicto  and marching them off to see the Head!

 It was on a fine Saturday afternoon that Arabella, accompanied by the newly appointed Prefect Sally Salisbury, set off on their ‘rounds’.  Sally was a gentle girl who, the staff considered, would make a good Prefect, had been put under the supervision of Arabella to assimilate the prefectorial role and responsibilities.  Arabella construed Sally’s gentle nature as ‘softness’ and felt the sooner she was toughened up a bit the better!  She had to learn that now she was a Prefect she had to make a break from her old friends and make them realise that she had and would exercise her authority.  What better way than to make her accompany her senior on a patrol that was bound to lead to the punishment of a few of her erstwhile friends.  What better way than to find such a group smoking and to witness their punishment.  It gave Arabella a buzz just to think about it.

“Look” said the Senior Prefect  “There go your old chums and I bet I know where they are going and why!  We will follow them”

“Are we going to warn them off?” asked Sally innocently.

“Of course not!” said Arabella  “If they’re going for a smoke we must report them!  If we let them get away with it we’ll be failing in our duty!”

“But,  “ said Sally nervously.

“But what?  Smoking is a beating offence and they know that.  We have no choice.  We would be failing if we did not take them to see the Head!” 

 Sally looked shocked!

 “Surely we can just tell them.  Teach them a lesson by catching them and warning them.”

 “Look” said Arabella  “If you’ve not got the guts to do this then you’ll never make a Prefect.  Breaking the rule, especially the smoking rule, leads top punishment.”  She licked her lips!  “Come on, girl, we have work to do!”

 Arabella knew where to go!  Behind the bike sheds.  She crept round, followed unhappily by poor Sally.  There she saw what she had hoped to see!  Mary, Susan, Lucy and Roger.  All fifth formers, all 16 years old.  Roger had the cigarette in his mouth while Mary and Susan were lighting up.  Lucy, looking more than a little nervous, stood back from the others.  Arabella stood there for a minute, long enough for them all to look round at her.

 “Well, well!” said Arabella  “I think we’d better go and see Miss Merryweather, don’t you?  You know what smoking means, don’t you?  Yes, I see you do.  It’ll mean a good beating for all of you!  Come along!”

 “Oh, Arabella” said Susan  “You don’t have to do that!  Come on, be reasonable!”

 “It’s more than I dare.  The Head would be far from pleased if I were to let you get away with smoking.  Come along, let’s get you over to see her.  I have no choice, smoking means the cane!” 

 Lucy burst into tears! “Oh, no” she wailed  “I wasn’t smoking. Please, you must tell her I wasn’t”

 “Oh, shut up you little cry baby” snarled Mary  “We’re in for it.  This bitch won’t let us off.  Best get it over with.”

 They gave up and began that dreadful walk to their caning!  Lucy was in tears but the others walked with some dignity.  Sally felt embarrassed in their company.  How did it fell getting step by step nearer to where they were going to be punished.  People watched the group walk by guessing where they were going and why!  Sally hung her head and wished she weren’t there, wished she weren’t a Prefect, wished, almost wished, she was one of them!

 And then they were there!  In the corridor leading to the Study.  At the end of the corridor was the dark wood panelled door bearing the notice HEAD MISTRESS.  Lucy’s weeping, strangely, eased.  She sniffed noisily and wiped her nose on a big spotted handkerchief.  She pulled herself together determined to face whatever was to come but, never having been punished at the school, she was frightened of the unknown.  What were they going to do to her!

 Arabella said  “Wait here.  Sit down.  Sally, you stay out here while I go see the Head”

 Sally’s heart sank.  How could she face it standing here alone with those about to have their bottoms beaten.  But she had to, she was a Prefect, it was her duty.  Sally heard the door open and close and she was left with her erstwhile friends.  Standing guard over them!

 Sensing Sally’s embarrassment and despite the impending fate awaiting her pretty bottom Mary snarled  “Are you enjoying this, then?  Seeing your old friends in trouble, I couldn’t do it, I don’t know how you can either!”

 “It’s not my fault!” Sally whined pathetically. 

Susan, perhaps forgetting for a moment just what she was waiting for, sprang to the beleaguered Sally’s defence.  “No, be fair, it’s not her fault.”

 “Well, we’ll see if you’re so generous when she’s watching the old witch beating your bum!”

 Lucy had had enough!  “Oh, shut up you two!” she wailed and burst into tears again!

 The door opened and Arabella said  “Right, bring them in!”

 Sally looked out of her depth!  Was she supposed to actually go in there with them?  Was she going to see it all happening?  To see the beatings?  She trembled!

 “Come along” Arabella snapped  “The Head is waiting for them.”

 They stood up, one after the other with poor, weeping Lucy having to be helped to her feet by Mary and Susan.  Now that it was happening Lucy was terrified!  Roger led the way into the study with Arabella standing to one side to let him pass.  The three girls followed with Lucy, eyes wide with alarm, being virtually dragged in by her friends.

 “It wasn’t me” she wailed “I wasn’t smoking.  You know that.  You must tell her!”

 Arabella said “Come on, now!  You, Sally, I want you to come in too!”

 Roger and the three girls stood in a miserable line before the Head.  Behind her, on her desk lay the cane.  Lucy swayed at the sight of that dreaded implement.  “Oh, no” she wept her eyes fixed on the cane.  Lucy had never been caned, Lucy had never even had her bottom smacked at home.  Lucy, to be fair, was a good, obedient girl and it was true she’d not been smoking and quite possibly would have refused to take a puff but it was too late for that!

 “Close the door!”

 The Head began her lecture.   She reminded the wretched quartet of the strict rule against smoking.  She reminded them of the penalty.  Six strokes of the cane on the bottom!  She paused and looked at them.

 “But” she said “I’m not going to cane you much as you deserve it.  I prefer to see your behaviour as a silly, childish prank.  If I were to cane you you would be seen as heroes, I want you to be seen as naughty little children!”

 They were puzzled.  They were going to get away with it! 

Oh, no, they weren’t!

 The Head looked them up and down.

 “A silly childish  prank deserves a childish punishment!” 

 She walked round her desk and opened a drawer and took something out.  When she turned she was holding a hairbrush!

 “If I ever hear of any of you smoking again, ever, I will certainly cane you but this time I shall punish you like naughty little children.  I am going to take you across my knee, one after the other, and give you a good smacking on your bare bottoms like your mothers would do.  A caning might make you seem heroic to your silly chums.  I do not think a smacked bottom will have the same effect!  My hairbrush,” she slapped it into her hand  “My hairbrush will certainly give you something to think about, you’ll not sit comfortably for a couple of days after you get down from my lap, and your friends will see you as figures of fun when they hear about it, and they certainly will hear about it.  Now, have any of you anything to say?”

 Even poor Lucy shook her head!

 “Good.  Now, take off your blazers, Sally will collect them.”

 Poor Sally!  She looked blank, not really hearing what was said.  Arabella stepped over to her and hissed.  “Pull yourself together girl!  The Head asked you to collect their blazers.”

 The four about to be spanked understood only too well why they were to take their blazers off!  Even poor Lucy saw that the tail of the blazer might get in the way!  Sally walked unhappily over to them as they shuffled out of their colourful jackets.  Lucy hung her head as Sally approached but handed her the garment, Mary looked distinctly nervous but she looked Sally in the eye as   she too handed over her blazer.  Susan, with a display of desperate bravado for one who knew she was about to undergo a painful and shaming punishment, sneered at Sally and, whispering “You little bitch!”, ‘accidentally’ dropped hers on the floor!  Sally stooped to retrieve it as Arabella approached and relieved her of the girls’ blazers snarling  “Get a grip!  Now, get his blazer” and Sally moved to the handsome lad who looked totally bemused and far from happy.  He handed his jacket to her saying, oddly in the circumstances “Thank you!”  Roger’s mother had always insisted on politeness where dealings with ‘gentle’ sex were concerned.  Sally withdrew and followed the Senior Prefect to put the blazers on the desk.

 The Head Mistress positioned a chair and, seating herself, said  “Lucy, you first!”

 “Oh, no, please!”

 “Lucy, come here this minute and take your medicine!”

 The wretched girl stepped forward to stand by the chair.  She looked totally broken, scared and ashamed.

 “Take your knickers down!”

 Lucy looked horrified.  The thought of baring her bottom in front of all these people was almost beyond her but she managed it!  She hoisted her skirt and hooked her fingers into her pants.  She pulled them clear of her flinching derriere and let her skirts fall back into place.

 “Get over my knee!”

 “How?” she whispered miserably.

 It dawned on the Head!  “Haven’t you been over your mother’s knee?” she asked. 

Poor Lucy shook her head and the mistress, perhaps feeling some pity for her, took her left arm and put her right hand round her back.  She helped Lucy over her knee where she slumped, in total surrender, her head and shoulders hanging down and her hands on the carpet.

 The Head folded her skirt clear and exposed her pretty little bottom to the gaze of all.

 “I know you weren’t smoking, Lucy, but I intend to make sure you never do.  Now, lie still and take your spanking!”

 There followed a pregnant pause in which all eyes except Lucy’s were fixed on that sweet behind!


 Lucy shrieked in shock at the feel of that hard hairbrush across her defenceless stern!





SMACK! ……….

 Lucy lay still and took her spanking well!  Three dozen hard smacks reduced her bottom to an angry mess of red weals.  By the end she was weeping bitterly but had not struggled or tried to avoid the angry smacks.  Perhaps she felt she deserved it?

 “Get down and pull your knickers up.  Go back to your place and never, ever make me do that again.  Mary!”

 … and so it went on!  Mary, then Susan, bared their bottoms and adopted the position with which both were more than familiar!  Theirs, it seemed to the watching Sally, were noticeably sharper than Lucy’s and both girls squealed and writhed across the firm lap of their Head Mistress as their bottoms were soundly smacked. 

 Finally it was Roger’s turn and, as the only male watched by these six females, it was, perhaps, for him a most ambivalent process.  He stood and, conscious of the prurient eyes upon him, undid his trousers, letting them fall and reaching to pull down his underpants before neatly putting himself over the Head’s lap.  She lifted his shirt tail and all five girls, including those three with stinging bottoms, gazed upon his finely muscled boyish behind.  The Head gave him an extra dozen, just for being a boy!  He, of all of them, would not forget that punishment in a hurry.

 When Roger, clutching his blazing tail and shuffling very stiffly, resumed his place with the girls the Head gave them another strict lecture before dismissing them with the message that she would be telephoning their parents!

 When they had gone the Head turned to Sally!

 “Now then, young lady!  Your first experience of a Prefect’s duties!  A bit of a shock, I’m sure, but I trust you can see that it was both necessary and fair?  I know you had your doubts but, if you are to make a Prefect, and I believe you can, then I must be happy that you can and will carry out your duties without fear or favour.  In this school we believe corporal punishment is, for certain offences, the only proper and effective course of action.  Can you see that?”

 Sally’s attitude had changed!  She had found the whole business quite stimulating.  She had no hesitation when she said  “Oh, yes, Head Mistress, I can see that now!”